There have been so many businesses that have opened with new protocols like casinos and restaurants, yet movie theaters remain closed. The National Associations of Theater Owners in New York want to know why and what they need to do to open. Many movie-goers will tell you that it makes no sense to them why the local movie theaters aren't open. There have been numerous businesses that have put in safety protocols and are running on a smaller capacity that has been allowed to reopen. Still, we wait on Governor Cuomo's green light to open movie theaters.

According to, movie theater owners are still waiting for Governor Cuomo's office to respond to the protocols they have implemented to make sure they can open safely. Neighboring states like New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania opened their movie theaters this summer. Why aren't New York's theaters open too?

The New York State chapter of the National Associations of Theater Owners wants answers. They know that local theater owners won't be able to remain closed much longer due to the financial strain. Also, New York state, specifically New York City, is a huge city for the movie industry to release movies. They need the number one market to be able to see blockbusters. They are suffering too.

In the meantime, local movie theaters have been proactive. The National Associations of Theater Owners established a "cinema-safe" list of procedures and protocols that owners would put in place to reopen. They did this to illustrate to the governor that they are ready. So far, no response from the governor's office. They are just hoping they can prove to Governor Cuomo that they are ready to open safely.

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