Leah Remini did an interview on Friday night where she talked about her break with the Church of Scientology.

She said that her relationship with the church/cult took a turn at the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes wedding. Leah was a guest, but it ended up being a pretty awful experience.

(See more about Leah's experience here.)

But the part of the interview that my twisted brain thought was funny and interesting was the part when Leah says that at the wedding Tom serenaded Katie with "You've Lost that Loving Feeling"!!!!!!

And, I mean, I get it.  It was one of the most famous scenes of his career, but is definitely one of the most inappropriate songs to sing to your bride on your wedding day, right?

I mean, really!  "You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss you lips..... And there's no tenderness like before in your fingertips...."

Nope.  Not romantic.  No wonder they're divorced!

What songs do you think would be inappropriate to sing to your lover at the wedding?

Here's an inappropriate selection I've made for a groom -




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