Even the most avid fan of winter must be ready to call for mercy this week.

After a nutty ice storm today and just a complete mess of snow, slush, and ick here in the Captial Region, Old Man Winter is gearing up to have more fun at our expense later this week.

According to the Weather Channel, after a short breather Wednesday snow will return to Albany and the Capital Region Thursday afternoon and will continue into Friday evening dropping another 5 to 8 inches of fresh powder in the area. The good news for this storm? Unlike the mess we have had here over the last 24 hours, this storm should be all snow. Inconvenient, yes. But at least not a complete pain in the neck to clear out from your driveway.

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If you are completely sick of the snow, there is some light at the end of the February tunnel. Looking ahead to next week, while we do have some snow showers and rain in the forecast, the Weather Channel is calling for a warming trend with daily high temperatures getting into the upper 30's and low 40's over the course of the next ten days. Could it possibly be a sign we are turning the corner to spring?

So while one more storm this week will be annoying, maybe later this week will be the last time this winter that you drop all those f-bombs while shoveling snow or running out of gas for the snowblower. Get 'em all out of your system and let's hope the forecast holds true with warmer weather on the way.


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