You gotta give McDonald's credit, the "Monopoly" game is a big hit every single year. I know I will be cleaning out tons of duplicate game pieces from my car in a few months! "Grrr, how many times can you get Park Place and NOT Boardwalk?"

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Ahh that elusive Boardwalk! So, what are the odds of finding that Boardwalk piece? Well to win the million dollars you have to have that one and the odds are 1 in 600 million.

Remember the huge "Powerball" jackpot earlier this year with 590 million dollars up for grabs, well your odds at winning that were, 1 in 195 million. So, winning that would have been 3 times more likely than winning the million dollars at McDonald's.

To be fair as you move on down to the food prizes like fries, hamburgers and shakes your odds go up tremendously.  YOu have a 1 in 44 shot at winning a "Quarter Pounder", or McFlurry, a 1 in 22 shot at winning a breakfast sandwich and a 1 in 9 shot at winning fries! Well, those odds I definitely like.

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Well what about a smaller cash prize like the $1000. Well for that you need both Baltic and Mediterranean and those odds are 1 in 30 million.

We will still all play and enjoy doing it though! Let's be honest, maybe my odds were better at "Powerball"  but I would have probably bought more of those tickets if every once in a while someone handed me a Big Mac for my troubles!