It is really hard to believe there are people in the world who would do something so wrong.

According to News 10, New York State Police are investigating a person who stole funds from a local family that were intended to help their son, who is being treated for cancer. Kamdon Wert, who is 9 years old, is currently being treated at Albany Medical Center for a rare form of cancer. Here's the story:

Kamdon's mother Krystal told News 10 she gave $1600 to someone to help with a fundraiser for her son, and that person basically took the money and never helped out.

I hope they find this person and figure out who would do such a thing. Stealing from anyone is wrong, and from funds meant to help a child with cancer...I can't express in words how terrible this is, and can't imagine the kind of person who would do this.

But I doubt someone with such a small heart will affect Kamdon. He is a strong kid fighting a valiant battle. A 'superhero' as his mom calls him in the article. His bravery should be the real message we take out of this story.