1. The California wildfires are out of control, with over 400 homes and businesses destroyed.  What is the capital of California?

a - Sacramento

2. Six years ago. . . In 2009, PATRICK SWAYZE died of pancreatic cancer.  He was 57.  Which of his movies is currently being remade with Ronda Rousey?
a - Road House

3. Tonight is the this season's first NFL Monday Night matchup.  Which team will play against the Atlanta Falcons?
a - Eagles

4. The US is on terror watch as the Pope prepares to visit America next week.  Where does the pope live?
a - Vatican City, Rome, Italy

5. County Clerk Kim Davis is headed back to work today nearly one week after failing to issue marriage liscenses to gay people.  In which state does Kim Davis work?
a - Kentucky

6. Miss Georgia won the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City last night.  How do you spell pageant?
a - pageant

7. Nick Carter is on this 21 season of dancing with the stars, which boy band did he join when he was just 13 years old?
a - Backstreet Boys
Sam Bradford
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