1. Today is a holiday.  What holiday is it?

a - Columbus Day
2. 8 cities have voted to get rid of Columbus day including Albuquerque.  In which state will you find Albuquerque?
a - New Mexico
3. October is breast cancer awareness month.  Which color is most often associated with breast cancer?
a - pink
4. Republicans are having a hard time finding a new speaker of the house.  Who is the current speaker of the house who is on his way out?
a - John Boehner
5. According to the order of presidential succession, the person in which office will be president if something happens to both the president and the vice president?
 a - speaker of the house
6. Jack Bauer just won a poll of the best TV characters of the last 25 years.  What TV show is he from?
a - 24
7.What is the square root of 16?
a - 4
John Boehner, Getty Images


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