Monday, September 14, 2015 – Super 7
1. The California wildfires are out of control, with over 400 homes and businesses destroyed.  What is the capital of California?
a - Sacramento
2. Six years ago. . . In 2009, PATRICK SWAYZE died of pancreatic cancer.  He was 57.  Which of his movies is currently being remade …
Pope Accepts a Pizza from Fan [Watch]
After a day of discussing viral marketing choices, I took to the internet to find a viral marketing campaign that does it's job without being offensive.
Lo and behold-
The owner of a pizza place in Naples, Italy ran out into the street when Pope Francis went by in his Popemobile on Sund…
Pope Francis Drops the F-Bomb [Watch]
In what some are calling a verbal stumble, not a hot-mic mishap, Pope Francis slipped a pretty serious word into his prayer.
The pope, who is a native Spanish speaker, meant to say "caso," which is Italian for "example" or "case...
Pope Francis
Habemus Papem  - Pope Francis is the new pope. Only two days into the conclave, 115 Roman Catholic cardinals have elected a new pontiff who faces the challenge of leading a church that is facing many challenges. People have been waiting for days to see the white smoke in Vatican City and now that th…