1.     A famous real estate and business mogul behind Celebrity Apprentice and Miss Universe is running for President, who is he?
            A – Donald Trump
2.     A famous, beloved lion was killed by a dentist last week – what was the lion’s name?
            A – Cecil
3.       523 years ago  on this day In 1492, CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS set sail for the Orient from Spain, He ended up discovering America instead. What were the names of his three ships?
          A - the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. 
*******Did you know that Christopher received a salary of $25 a month and his crew made about $2.50 a month for the voyage.******
4.     The latest windows version launched last week, it’s fast, free and compatible, according to Microsoft… what number are we on?
            A – 10
5.     Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation won the box office this weekend, starring Tom Cruise.  What is Tom’s religious affiliation?
            A – Scientology
6.    20 years ago on this day In 1993, The Senate voted 96-to-3 to confirmRUTH BADER GINSBURG as a Supreme Court Justice. But, who was the first woman to hold that honor?
          A – Sandra Day O’Connor in 1981
7.  Martin Sheen is 75 today. What is the name of his son who played Coach Gordon Bombay in 1990’s hit movie Mighty Ducks?
        A – Emilio Estevez
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