1.Yesterday Jason Day won the PGA Championship in a record shattering fashion.  What sport is the PGA?
a - Golf

2.Elmo, Big Bird, Bert, Ernie and the gang are moving from PBS to HBO this fall.  On what street to they live?
a - Sesame Street

3.Spell Sesame.
a - Sesame

4.Straight Outta Compton dominated the box office this weekend, where is Compton?
a - California

5.Happy birthday to DONNIE WAHLBERG he is 46 today, what 90's boy band did Donny dominate?
a - New Kids On The Block

6.Lots of the Presidential candidates have visited or are planning to visit the Iowa State Fair.  What is the capital of Iowa?
a - Des Moines

7.One of our former presidents recently announced his battle with cancer at age 90.  Which President is it?

a - Jimmy Carter
New Kids On The Block (Getty)
New Kids On The Block (Getty)

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