1.The pope departed Philadelphia yesterday to head back home to Italy.  What's the capital of Pennsylvania?

a - Harrisburg
2. Tonight the Daily Show on Comedy Central gets a new host.  What is his name?
a - Trevor Noah
3. Kaley Cuoco and her husband Ryan Sweeting are divorcing after 21 months of marriage.  What sport does Ryan play professionally?
a - Tennis
4. The speaker of the house announced his retirement on Friday morning.  Who is the speaker of the house?
a - John Boehner
5. The world's biggest automaker is in crisis over its rigging of diesel engine emissions tests in America and Europe. Which automaker is it?
a - Volkswagen
6. Frankie Jonas turns 15 today - he's the littlest Jonas Brother.  Name 2 other Jonas brothers.
a - Kevin, Joe, Nick
7. 24 years ago . . . In 1991, "Ropin' the Wind" became the first country music album to debut at #1 on Billboard's POP album chart. Who's album was it?
a - Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks
Cooper Neil, Getty Images

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