1. Last night there was a big award show, which one was it?

a - Emmys

2. Novelist Jackie Collins passed away a couple of days ago, what type of novel is she best known for?
a - Romance Novels
3. The View co-host are bleeding sponsors because they made fun of a Miss America contestant's "talent" last week.  From which state was the world's current most famous nurse?
a - Colorado
4. What is the capital of Colorado?
a - Denver
5. Which movie was in theaters so long it was the first movie to be released on VHS while is was still being shown in theaters?
a - Titanic
6. What does VHS stand for?
a - Vertical Helical Scan
7. A government shutdown could be a possibility as Sen. Ted Cruz threatens to lead a charge to defund which organization?
a - planned parenthood

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