I'll admit, I was a nerdy kid in school, I loved homework. Math homework was like a giant logic puzzle to me, Spanish was a way to learn a language I could speak that my Mother couldn't and Science was a way to look at the world differently than usual. Apparently, though, homework these days is worse than I remember and a mom decided to do something about it.

A mom blogger from Quebec, Canada Bunmi Laditan posted online about how her 10 year old daughter Maya was getting way too much homework than she could handle so she decided to do something about it. According to Mashable, she wrote a letter to Maya's teachers saying that her daughter is too stressed and shouldn't be given as much homework. She explains in her Facebook post that she wrote "drastically reduce" to be polite but she doesn't intend for her daughter to complete any more homework.

When I was in school, doing homework or not doing homework was never an option. Did I have a ton of homework after school? Sure! Did it cut into my ability to do things with my friends or go outside after school? Sure, but that's just the way it was. I'll admit that 4 hours of homework for a 10 year old is ridiculous but to say that her daughter will not be completing anymore is just has absurd. Doing homework with my Mom was a way for the two of us to engage in my schooling together, even if it was Spanish and she couldn't help me with any of it. Is this mother right for telling off the school or should students have homework after school?

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