The ShopRite coming to North Greenbush will have the “Mobil Scan” service!

I’m not sure if you have used this mobile scan service before but I haven’t and I think I am kind of excited about it.

Sean McMaster- Phone App
Sean McMaster- Phone App

The mobile scan service will allow us to use the camera on our smart phone to scan to items as we shop!  Then, when you get to the checkout, you don't have to unload the groceries and have someone scan them.  Anything that saves you time these days is amazing!  Again, if you have done this before, maybe your not as excited but I think it’s so great!  And maybe it will even help my diet by avoiding the candy bars in the check out lanes!

According to the ShopRite website, you have to download the app to your phone and have a valid ShopRite Price Plus® Club card.  After you finish shopping, you head to the self check out to scan your coupons and pay!

There is a tutorial you can watch if you have never used the app before.

So, as a newbie here, I am excited for this feature.  Have you used it?  What do you think?

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