Thursdays are proving to be a important day for couponers!

Price Chopper released some "bonus" coupons today.  These deals are good today through Saturday.  With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you may want to print these out and use one each day! Save $.40/Gallon of fuel when you spend $100.  Plus Oreo's for only $.99!  I know I am going to STOCK UP on the Oreo's!  They are my favorite!  Great savings on Cranberry Sauce and Heinz Gravy too with each for only $.25!

Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images

Did I say Thanksgiving is right around the corner?  Wow!

I am not sure how Thanksgiving Day tradition go at your house, but at mine, we host the day for our families.  From the appetizers to the desserts.  So these "bonus" coupons help out!  Each year, Andrea puts out a list of Thanksgiving Day essentials and pairs them with coupons.  I expect this year to be the same!  So keep checking in to save!