Did you grab a paper (or two) today to get the TEN CENT ShopRite coupons?

I have a special message to deliver to you from Andrea The Coupon Lady:

There are eight $.10 coupons for ShopRite available in today’s paper!!  Every Thursday, ShopRite puts special coupons out in the newspaper.  Make sure you pick up a paper or two  today!!

Hot Chocolate
Lou Roberts

You can use these $.10 coupons with any $15 purchase.  So, while you are out buying dinner supplies, spend an additional $.80 and get:

  • Friendly Single Serve Sundae
  • Celeste Pizza for one
  • Colonna grated cheese
  • Furlana garlic toast
  • Swiss Miss hot chocolate
  • Starkist Tuna
  • Pillsbury cake
  • Pillsbury brownie mix

All for just $.10 EACH! Who can't use an extra Swiss Miss hot chocolate this winter!!

If you can’t make it out to ShopRite, you can use these coupons at Price Chopper/Market 32 too – and pick up a Bags 2 Riches ticket!  Again, you have to spend $15 to get these dime deals!

The coupons are good through Saturday!

Happy Shopping!

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