Minecraft is a video game. A great one.  It's fantastically popular because you get to set land mines and blow stuff up, right?  NOT.


People seem to lump video games into one category and one only - DESTRUCTIVE.  Not Minecraft:  This is a building game, not a destroying game.

According to a story at CNN.com

In the first 24 hours of the May 9 release, the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition was downloaded more than 400,000 times, smashing the Xbox Arcade's first-day digital sales record and becoming the fastest selling Xbox Live Arcade title in history.   It became a profitable game in one hour of it's release


And although I've never played the game, from what I've read, it's a game where you construct things - you don't DE-struct (I know, that's not a word).

Here is their promo piece from YouTube:


So parents-  maybe we all have to start thinking differently about gaming.  It'sentirely possible that you can be creative with a video game.  It actually might teach you hand eye coordination, dexterity, reasoning skills and more.

How do you feel?  Do you let your kids play them, and for how long?  Just wondering.  Leave your comments below!


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