SURPRISE! I'm a Millennial and now the news isn't just telling me my likes and dislikes but how old I have to be and what I call myself- here we go again!

According to The Wrap, you may be one of us dreaded Millennials and have no idea. I never really understood these generational lines. Apparently Millennials are people who were born between 1979-1995 and anyone after that is a member of Gen Z, whatever that means. I wasn't around for the 1970s (or most of the 1980s for that matter) but I feel like to say that I'm in the same classified generation as those who weren't always able to play Nintendo seems odd to me.


Now, this article is telling me that I don't consider myself an adult until I hit 30. I turn 30 in December 2018 and based on how I feel and act now, I can't imagine that I'll all of a sudden grow-up to adulthood in that time. I may not live completely on my own but I've done some pretty adult things. I pay all of my own bills, lived in another country by myself, I've handled a change in jobs recently, and people trust me to watch their babies. That seems pretty adult to me, anyway.

When I turn 30, am I going to then feel like an adult? No, probably not. I've been raised to be young at heart and labeling myself as an "adult" sounds stuffy and like all fun is gone. Is that because I'm a "Millennial?" Maybe, but I don't measure adulthood in economic successes. Why is labeling myself an "adult" a step in the process of life? Why can't I always just be Jess and just do that forever? I hear I'm pretty good at it.

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