An action movie, a family-friendly movie, and a movie everyone is talking about - that's what the movies look like this weekend. One of them Jackson hated and you're not gonna believe how bad it was!

The biggest movie opening this weekend is "Mile 22" starring Mark Wahlberg as CIA operative James Silva. Silva leads a small team as they transport an asset to foreign intelligence from an American embassy in Southwest Asia 22 miles away. Silva and his team (Ronda Rousey, Iko Uwais, and Lauren Cohen) realize they're not the only ones after this asset.

Also, this weekend, is a family-friendly movie called Alpha. Young Keda had been left for dead during his first hunt with his tribe so he decide to try and survive alone in the wilderness. He then begins a friendship with a lone wolf who was also abandoned by its pack. Now, the two of them must survive in the wilderness together to make it home before the harsh winter weather arrives.

Jackson also gave us some insight on how well "Crazy Rich Asians" is doing and you won't believe it! You can find more on these and other movies on Jackson's website

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