I have to admit before WGNA'S Secret Star Acoustic Jam I thought Michael Ray was a pretty good new country artist, after hearing him sing live I was very impressed and thought this guy is the real deal. Besides performing his songs he did a version of "Forever And Ever Amen" by Randy Travis that just blew me away. If you were there you know what I'm talking about , I'm sure Michael made a lot of new fans that night. What everyone else didn't see was Michael doing something really sweet for my son Caden, a gesture I wont soon forget. 

After the show was over we were backstage and I mentioned to Michael that my son loves to sing "Kiss you in the morning" in the car on the way to pre-school. I just figured he'd like to hear that and was about to move on when he said, "Hey, let's make him a video!" I was floored not only that he would take the time to do it but also that it was HIS idea. So I grabbed my phone and he did this:

What a guy right? So I showed it to a couple of Michael Ray fans at the concert and they asked if I could also tape Caden's reaction when he saw the video so they could see it too. I think he liked it a lot, what do you think?

Thank you again, Michael you made my night and my Son's day!