Look out! I'm letting my Geek Flag fly. The "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" started as a comic book, became a kids cartoon and movie franchise. They are goofy, corny a little strange but most of all fun. TMNT has a cult following that knows the story like the back of their hands. So when Michael Bay of "Transformers" fame decided to change their origin he made many geeks VERY angry! The Turtles and their Sensei "Splinter" a rat with the martial arts skills became humanoids by coming into contact to with Radioactive Goo. Bay is turning them into Aliens. So of course the fans of the original franchise are flipping out.

So the question is should people care or not? I will most likely take my kid to see it and give it a chance but I can't understand why Hollywood keeps messing with stories.

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