My husband has painted one of his fingernails blue. Will you? What if I told you doing so shows that you support the campaign to end violence against kids?

The reason guys are painting one or more of their nails blue is because of the ‘Polished Man’ movement. The ‘Polished Man’ movement was started by the CEO of Australian charity, YGAP, after a visit to Cambodia who believes that a world is possible where no children suffer from violence.

Now until October 15th, men are asked to paint one or more fingernails blue to raise awareness and funds to support the 1-in-5 children globally who suffer physical and sexual violence before the reach the age of 18.

It’s estimated 90% of the world’s sexual violence against children is by men and the majority of it happens behind closed doors and is committed by a man the child knows.

And yet, so few take a stand against these awful acts.

‘Polished Man’ is hoping their campaign will spread globally by men who want this unspeakable violence to change.

What is a ‘Polished Man?’ According to YGAP, a 'polished man' is one who challenges violent behavior and language and who leads a change in the conversation about what it means to be a man. In other words, a polished man is a role model who supports equality and child rights and who unashamedly stands up for those things.

If you’d like to make a donation to help support this mission, you can do so here. If you can't afford to make a donation, at least consider painting a fingernail blue- it's sure to spark conversation and through conversation comes education.

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