An Albany area man was allegedly trying to make some sort of a death ray device.

Lazer Gun

It may sound like something that you might hear about on an episode of The Big Bang Theory, but this is no joke.

His failed attempt has landed him in court, where he pleaded “not guilty”. If he’s convicted he’ll be paying some hefty fines and spending a long time in jail.

In the story from News 10 ABC, 49-year-old Scott Crawford was allegedly planning to injure and even kill people at an Islamic Center and mosque. His charges include Conspiracy To Use Weapon Of Mass Destruction, and several others. Prosecutors believe that he had a plan to activate the device with a remote control.

Crawford wasn’t alone. 55-year-old Eric Feight was Crawford’s co-conspirator. He pleaded guilty for Providing Materials To Support Terrorists, and waived the indictment. He will find out his fate at his sentencing on May 22.

The arrest of both men was back on June 18, 2013.Luckily, the weapon never worked.

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