Last night in Manchester, England Ariana Grande's UK fans hoped for the same type of experience Capital Region fans had back in July of 2015 when the pop superstar last played here.  Dozen  didn't make it home alive.  Does what happened last night in Manchester, England change your perception about the safety of you or your kids at concerts?

Pop superstar Ariana Grande last played in the Capital Region nearly two years ago in front a large crowd at the Times Union Center in Albany.  Fans (many of which attended their first ever concert) were delighted and memories were had. Ariana Grande and her crew packed up and headed to the next town without incident.  Fast forward to May 22, 2017 and Ariana Grande is speechless, broken, and so very very sad as anyone would be.  She was, after all, the reason thousands of people came out to see a concert, and it was her fans that were targeted by terrorism, the ultimate despicable act of evil.

Could this and would this ever happen here? Malls, sporting events, concerts, food festivals, and any large gatherings are these so-called "soft targets" for terrorism. Changing your pattern or altering your lifestyle to avoid such horror may be considered a way of "letting the bad guys' win, but at what point does safety become the primary and only concern?

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