If you have a family member that may be reaching an age where they are living by them self or with only their spouse. The children have moved on with their lives and families. Maybe the people that no longer have their children, or even grandchildren with them all the time need a little bit of help. They might not feel up to cooking, or preparing their meals, or maybe they’re just not able to do that anymore.

If they’re at least 60-years-old, there’s a program that I think everyone has heard of. It’s the Meals On Wheels America program. According to the Meals On Wheels website, it is the “oldest and largest national organization supporting more than 5,000 community-based senior nutrition programs across the country”. There was recently an article in the Daily Gazette about the increasing demand for Meals On Wheels in the Capital Region.

Walter Fosdick and Bro. Lou Roberts
Walter Fosdick and Bro. Lou Roberts (Photo - Flounder/WGNA)

I had the chance to talk about Meals On Wheels, locally, with Walter Fosdick, the program director for Catholic Charities Senior and Caregiver Support Services, in Schenectady County. He had plenty of information about Meals On Wheels and how it can help the seniors in your life. He also had information about how you could help them out and volunteer.

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