Some dogs run after cars, others run to get treats, but a Fall River, Massachusetts goldendoodle named Oliver Winston Churchill Finelli is running for something a little more prestigious.  He may not be your typical paw-litician, but this handsome boy with the esteemed-sounding name, is running for President of the United States of America.  And his message is a simple one: Because People Suck.  

I'm not saying that I would vote for Oliver, but I'm not saying I wouldn't vote for him either.  He may not be the most qualified candidate in terms of  pedigree but I'm sure he's got some qualities that would make a good candidate.

The owners of Oliver are David and Marcee Finelli and they told WJAR that they've got more than a chew toys chance at winning this election. "With the debates and how things are going…my wife had a great idea to put something out there to lighten the mood a little bit,” David Finelli said.

According to News Channel 13, Oliver Winston Churchill Finelli doesn't have a running mate, but he does have a girlfriend named Pepper who many think will make a great First Lady.

Dogs are fiercely loyal, compassionate, affectionate, patient and intelligent.  Sure, they also pee on the floor, lick themselves and smell butts, but in the grand scheme of things, I don't think those are necessarily deal breakers here.  What dogs lack in business acumen they more than make up in effective communication skills. When was the last time your dog wanted food and you didn't know about it?

What dogs may lack in world policy, they surely make up in their courage to make unpopular decisions.  When was the last time your dog didn't rip up the living room when you weren't home? A most unpopular decision for the human on the house, but one that your doggo made with extreme conviction.

While Oliver's not going beg for anybody's vote, he may jump at the opportunity to lick the competition!


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