Consider this a public service announcement from me to you, if you're a fan of margaritas and looking for a place to go with your friends after work or a random Saturday night this month, I have the perfect place for you.

Applebee's has announced that for the entire month of October, they're selling "Dollaritas," or margaritas for only $1. It's part of their Neighborhood Appreciation Month and it's not just for certain Happy Hour prices, it's all of the time for the entire month!

Now, you can go out with your friends, order food and save some money on the beverages. Just because they're only $1 doesn't mean you should over do it. I know they're cheap and delicious but you still should drink responsibly.

According to Twitter though, they say "At participating locations" but that may not mean at a location near you. You can either call ahead or risk it but be forewarned, that's what Twitter says anyway!

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