This is one of those stories that just warms your heart. In a world like the one we live in, it's so nice to know that there are those out there who do still have a conscious. To think that a man could spent the majority of his life feeling enough guilt about stealing money from a huge department store, that he one day returns the money that no one misses anymore. You have to think, maybe just maybe there is hope for the human race.
On Monday, November 28th, An elderly man walked into the Sears store in downtown Seattle. He had an envelope addressed to "Sears Manager", he dropped it off and left.

When the manager of the store, Gary Lorentson opened the envelope he fount 100 dollars in cash and a note that read: "During the late '40s I stole money from the cash register in the amount of 20 or 30 dollars, I want to pay this money back."
So he not only paid back the money he stole, he paid it back with interest.
The manager said that the money will go towards helping needy families this Christmas.
I told you , isn't that a wonderful story, living proof that people do care about the harm they do, the trespasses they make. No!
Personally, I think this guy is getting way up there in years, perhaps even had knowledge that he doesn't have that long left in this world and is now, finally thinking about Heaven. I wonder if this sort of thing works. Can you live your life having done things wrong, know you did them wrong and then as the end gets a little closer, make a few amends and everything is good? This is like being a horrible parent to your child and then when they graduate high school you buy them a brand new car. Sure, it's great and what kid doesn't want that but does it make up for the last 18 years? Is he now going to nominate you as "Father of the Year" and spend the Holidays with you? Probably not.
Well, I in truth, have no idea why this man paid that money back. You may choose to look at it either way, depending on if your a glass half empty, or a glass half full kind of person. I am happy however that he at the very least feels a little better, and that a needy family in Seattle gets to have just a little better Christmas this year.
God Bless.