Authorities say the man was not an employee of National Grid, in fact, they're not even quite sure how he got into the parking lot let alone behind the wheel of one of the trucks.

Officers arrived on the scene in Lansingburgh around 1am, responding to the incident of a man who had crashed a National Grid truck into a fence, which trapped a nearby resident in their bedroom without injury.

Troy Police Captain, Daniel DeWolf told the Times Union, when they responded the driver was circling the lot with police officers chasing him on foot, demanding he stop. What's weird is the man didn't even acknowledge the officers. He then drove a short distance, crashing into the Hudson River.

The truck took three large tow trucks to remove from the water. The unidentified man behind the wheel was not immediately found. His body was recovered around daybreak and an autopsy will be performed later today.

The residents that had damage to their homes from the original crash have been provided with food, clothing and lodging courtesy of the Red Cross.


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