MADDIE & TAE have released a new video for "Shut Up And Fish" which features more of the same country cuteness that made us fall in love with them a couple of years ago when they released "Girl in a Country Song".  And, from what I understand, the idea for this song came from an actual fishing trip gone wrong!

The new video stars an actor doing a cartoonish version of a city boy.  And if he looks kinda familiar, it's because he's Tae's brother Mason Dye!

"Shut Up and Fish" is the third single from Maddie and Tae's Start Here LP, released in August.  It's campy and cute, and I kinda like it.

We got a chance to chat with Maddie and Tae when they were backstage at their show at Vapor, and they are just as delightful as you'd imagine!  I wanna be their friend! #SquadGoals

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