In the ever competing world of ride sharing, which is new to us here in the Capital Region, Lyft is getting creative in what they may be offering with your ride. When you talk with most people about ride sharing, they usually will mention Uber first or only. Well Lyft is trying to raise the game so that you will be more inclined to call on them first.

Lyft announced Tuesday that they will be partnering with Taco Bell to offer riders snacks and dinner while getting you from one destination to another. Lyft will be testing its "Taco Mode" which will allow riders to add a stop at a drive-thru between 9pm and 2am. They feel these hours are when most riders would need a late night snack after a night out.

Hey I would love a little more incentive and ride sharing companies to fight for my business. I have to say, right now Lyft is winning in my book. The nationwide "Taco Mode" should roll out next year.

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