Man, I thought I was lucky to win $50 on a scratch off. Apparently, this woman has all the luck striking it big!

A 56-year-old woman out of Niskayuna, Patricia Stanton, has won a jackpot of $1 million dollars off of a scratch-off ticket. The ticket she purchased actually was bought a month ago on Mothers Day. Happy Mothers Day is in order for this lucky lady. She innocently bought some scratch-off tickets with her mother and she won huge! They actually both won, her mom got a measly $10.

I would venture a guess her relatives are being very, very kind and generous with compliments to her right about now. I would be too. I have a car loan that loot could pay off.

If you are one of those people who likes to know the exact location of the winning ticket, this was at the 1218 Troy-Schenectady Road Stewarts in Latham.

What would you do with the moolah? Click the link below to see what Patricia is.

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