Country music stars never cease to amaze me with how down-to-earth, approachable, and relatable they seem to be, and in most cases are.  But superstar Chris Lane took it next level when he saluted a superfan from Upstate NY who's been showing him love for years!

Do you consider yourself a fan of country music - or, do you take it a step further?

The Oxford dictionary defines the word fan as an enthusiastic devotee, as of a sport or performing art.

The same dictionary defines the word superfan as a person who has an extreme or obsessive admiration for a particular person or thing.

What comes after Superfan?

Meet Tracy Canaday from Stephentown - a Chris Lane super, superfan -  who's been to more Chris Lane shows than his own tour manager.  32 to be exact.  And if you thought that after 31 concerts Tracy had seen it all - well, you'd be wrong.

"I was supposed to go to my 32nd Chris Lane show in January but I was sick and could not make it," Canaday explained.

Photo: Tracy Canaday Instagram
Tracy and Chris at one of his 32 concerts she's been to!

Bummed that she wasn't able to make the show, her spirits were lifted when Lane actually reached out when he knew she wasn't well.

"Chris messaged me that he was praying I got to attend because he's that’s the kind of guy," a very appreciative Canaday told us.

We've known Tracy for about ten years - and she's as loyal as they come, but 32 shows?  Incredible, considering that Tracy doesn't only attend Lane shows, she sees everybody!

Imagine someone you know is slightly obsessed with Dave Matthews or a Zac Brown Band, and they see them a lot.  That might be 10, 15 shows maybe?

Okay now add another dozen to that, and multiply it by Zac Brown, Old Dominion, and Morgan Wallen - and that's Tracy.

Chrissy and I started at GNA 5 plus years ago, and I can honestly say she's been at 75% of the country shows in Upstate, NY.  Not just SPAC or MVP Arena - we're talking shows at golf courses, on picnic tables, inside cubicles, dive bars, you name it.

If there's a person singing, a live mic, a stage, and a way to get in, Tracy gon' be there! And she wasn't going to miss the man with "Big, Big Plans," trying to "Take Back Home Girl."

So here she was, on the road again - this time in Philadelphia - with her friend Jennifer.  This would be concert number 1 for Jennifer, the 32nd for Canaday.

During the show, a very astute Chris Lane spent some time looking over the crowd - soaking in the warm response, when he caught a glimpse of Canaday and the shirt she was wearing.

TSM Albany
Tracy Canaday from Stephentown and her friend Jennifer get set to see a Chris Lane show in Philly. Little did Canaday know that Lane would be as excited to her, as she was to see him!

That's when Chris Lane, mid-show, stopped what he was doing to salute a familiar face back in the crowd.  “It’s your 32nd show; you might want this tequila,” he said to Canaday.

A classy move by Lane, and one that could have easily passed him over.  He's seen many familiar faces over the years, and like most of us, those are the ones we take for granted the most.

But Lane seized the moment to get it right.

Acknowledging his superfan's presence is a big deal - because seeing 32 shows is a BIGGER deal.  It takes time, and money, and sacrifice, and gas which is $12 a gallon, and then balance that all out with relationships and work and kids - and heck ya he should do a tequila shot with Tracy - Let's Go!

Then, Canaday explains, "He proceeded to pour the drink(and a lot of it) but it fell short in his words because he’s so short… and we all laughed!"

Watch the video here:

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