Listeners in the Capital Region rely on the Love Cowboy to come on with Brian and Chrissy in the morning to give some relationship advice. He has been coming in through the lockdown and though the dilemmas have changed a bit, his advice is consistent. Not always good, but consistent. Love Cowboy takes a shot at helping out Matt from Menands that has a love and money conflict. He has been living with his fiance for three years and now she wants to pool their money together and have one joint account. She claims it will be easier to pay bills. Matt makes more than she does and wants to keep their earnings separate. What advice will the Love Cowboy have for Matt and his money situation? Take a listen to how the Love Cowboy handles this love and money dilemma.

Love Cowboy has been a staple on Brian & Chrissy in the morning on WGNA. Each weekday morning at 6:05 and 8:05 he moseys on into the studio to help out a listener with a relationship dilemma. We are never completely sure that he solves any of these relationship problems but he sure has a good time doing it. He is funny, entertaining, and occasionally throws some digs at Brian.

If you have a relationship question for the Love Cowboy, you can email it to Brian and Chrissy in the morning. Make sure you include your name and city so we can reference your email. Who knows? Maybe the Love Cowboy has some solid advice for you too.

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