Barbecue is probably my favorite way to enjoy chicken, beef and ribs.People do their own backyard barbecues, usually in the warmer weather months. But I love to go to this one place in particular and you don’t have to wait for warm weather. It’s Pig Pit, on Niver Street in Cohoes.

I’ve known Dave Frazier for a long time. He used to own a place in Albany, on the side of Hannaford on Central Avenue that he called Tex’s BBQ. (Just a little side note - Dave is from Texas) Tex's BBQ was back in the mid 1990s. I tried it back then and that was it. This was the best barbecue chicken that I ever had. Tex’s BBQ eventual moved out of the Albany location.

After a few years, Dave contacted me to let me know that he was back in business. This time in Cohoes. He had a little place that he called Pig Pit on Ontario Street. I was ecstatic. I think I went there the next day. It was the same great food that he had in Albany.

He has since moved to a little bit bigger location, right off of I787 in Cohoes on Niver Street. Linda and I almost always get the half chicken with two sides. Just to warn you, the sides aren’t just small scoops of cole slaw or macaroni salad. They’re good size portions. The prices are very reasonable and the food is excellent. There is something for everyone on the menu. This is a local business that I recommend to anyone that likes barbecue.