The other day, I heard a couple of people discussing, almost arguing, about the king of country music. One person said it was George Strait, and the other guy said it was George Jones.

There was a time when country legend Roy Acuff was considered the king. This made me think of something that I thought of even when I was doing a rock format. Everyone knows that the king of rock and roll is Elvis Presley, but I always thought that “music royalty” should be voted on - Perhaps getting a new king every five or ten years. This would be similar to voting on a new president or governor. Some of the criteria could be the number of songs they sell or how good their live performance is. Not to mention whatever they do for charities.

This would work for the female artists, too. Kitty Wells, Loretta Lynn and Reba

are the queens. You could vote for the queen of country. You have to admit that some of the younger people of today might not even know some of the classic artists.

This will make it fair for every generation to enjoy the “music royalty” that they will be growing up with.

Do you think there should be a vote to update the who would be king or queen? Who would you vote for as today’s king or queen of country music and why?