Along with hearing some of your favorite artists perform some of your favorite songs, you also get to hear some inside stories between them, like the time LoCash caught High Valley not knowing lyrics.

If you're not familiar with High Valley's backstory, they're Canadian and on top of that, weren't introduced to a lot of music you would consider popular. That also must have been something that LoCash wasn't familiar with either. The guys of LoCash talked about a recent concert were the two acts performed together.

Have you ever been at a show where the artist handed someone the microphone and they blanked on the words? That's exactly what happened to High Valley, or maybe they didn't even know the words to begin with. Apparently, LoCash were about to perform the Beastie Boys classic "Fight for Your Right to Party" and wanted High Valley to join them. They asked High Valley if they knew the words, they said they did, but that's not exactly the truth. Take a look at what happened and how LoCash caught them in a lie:

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