I've had breakfast at The Breakfast Spot. I used to drive by it daily on my way to work. It's in my neck of the woods and a story is coming out of it you'd read on social media and think, "Wow. That's sweet, but someone probably made it up." But it really happened.The Breakfast Spot is located off of Remsen Street in Cohoes and holds a very 50's vibe within. The food is delicious and the service is great, but no one ever expects what happened to actually happen.

Waitress, Becky Nielsen was going about her day, as always. Taking care of her section of customers, no one she knew in particular, placing the bill on the table for whenever the customer may be ready to go on their way. The total $22. 08. The tip? $77.92! 350%!

Nielsen said she expected a $4.00 tip, maybe but when she saw what she was left she said, "It was pretty overwhelming, I wasn't expecting it at all... and then I got her note."

The note attached to the tip state: "Life is short, a friend of mine died last night. Please enjoy a night with someone you love!"

An important message for anyone who lets the day to day routine get in the way or the natural stresses of life take over.

Due to the viral exposure of the act on social media and news coverage, business has been booming at the diner in Cohoes. Which goes to show that one small, good deed can spread into a much larger deed of wealth. Pay it forward, pass it on.

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