I love when local places make these "Best Of" or "Coolest" lists. We live in a pretty great area with some amazing things to offer and it's nice to see that we're appreciated nationally.

Though we lost out to Ashbury Park, New Jersey for number 1 according to the website Budget Travel, our very own Glens Falls made the list as number 9 of one of the coolest towns in America reported on by New York Upstate. Of course, we all know that technically Glens Falls is a city and not a town but we'll take the accolades.

Glens Falls
From Dougtone

Amy Collins, director of business and tourism for Glens Falls, said she routinely looks for opportunities to promote Glens Falls on travel websites. She sent Budget Travel information with the hopes to be featured but I don't think they expected to be in the top 10 of this list.

Budget Travel also announced that they will be featuring each of the top 10 "Coolest Little Towns" and profiling each community over the next 10 days. Maybe you'll find something about Glens Falls that you didn't know about before! What town do you live in & what's the coolest part about it?

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