The FBI, operating out of Albany, has arrested two men in connection to what they are considering a terror plot, one in which the men were allegedly trying to build a device to kill specific people with an instrument that was designed to emit radiation.

From News 10:

The FBI has charged 49-year-old Glendon Scott Crawford of Galway and 54-year-old Eric Feight of Hudson have been arrested and charged after a lengthy undercover investigation that began in April 2012.


It is being alleged that Crawford was reaching out to local Jewish organizations to assist him in the identification of people that they knew to be enemies of Israel, presumably to use the radiation emitting device to try and inflict harm upon them.

According to the FBI, the device never actually was functional during their investigation and the public was not in danger at any time leading up to these arrests, which means that, no, nobody was close to getting x-rayed to death before these idiots were apprehended, thankfully.

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