Schodack police are trying to figure out who shot the arrow that went through Tom Shanley's Jeep, piercing his window and coming within inches of striking him in the face.  The investigation is ongoing, the story is bizarre. Do you think this is a coincidence?

NewsChannel 13 has the story of the Schodack man who's car was shot by an arrow Monday afternoon on Rt. 9J in the town of Schodack.  When you watch the video and see the still photos of the damage to Tom Shanley's vehicle, you see how lucky he was to not be struck by it and quite possibly worse.

Where this arrow came from, and who shot it is anyone's guess.  It's not hunting season and if it was an accident, what are the chances of a random arrow striking a car's windshield, missing a man's face by mere inches?

Add this to the list of things that give me travel anxiety. Icy roads, trucks carrying logs, trucks transporting other vehicles, and now, random arrows.

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