Warren County Deputies were called to a house in Fort Ann because of a door that was always left open, and when they got there, they found something very disturbing.

Abandoned Dogs Rescued
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

What they found were five underweight and flea infested dogs with no food or water and living in a very disgusting environment.

A 24-year-old Fort Ann Man was arrested and charged with five counts of animal cruelty after deputies from the Warren County Sheriff’s Department went to his home, which was an abandoned house.

One of the dogs was locked inside a bathroom, another was roaming freely and three of the canines were locked in crates. The home was condemned after code enforcement officers were called to the scene and investigated the premises. According to a report after an investigation was conducted by the Warren County Sheriff’s Department, it was determined that Zachary Kilmartin was allegedly responsible for the dogs.

In the story that I saw on News 10 ABC, the dogs were removed and are in the care of a veterinarian.

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