A piece of land in Colonie that occupies Grandma's Pies and Restaurant is up for sale and let's hope this doesn't mean the end of this timeless eatery because that would truly be depressing.  When we were kids, the holidays were incomplete unless there was a pie from Grandma. Blueberry, Dutch Apple or Cherry, no meal was complete without it.  Rumors have been swirling that if the land is sold, Grandma's Pies could be history, but a new report says otherwise.

Newschannel 13 is reporting that while the land is for sale, the owners have been assured that the iconic restaurant will remain even if the land is purchased.   I'll admit that I haven't eaten at Grandma's in quite a few years, but the last time I ate there, it was everything I remembered it to be; homey, quaint, comfortable, and really really good.  It's certainly not a foregone conclusion that this pending sale means doom and gloom but anytime a new owner comes in, there's always a chance that they may see this as an opportunity to grow their own idea or business.  But I think I speak for thousands and thousands of Capital Region residents when I say, don't mess with Grandma!

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