I have a love/hate relationships with GoFundMe. I like the idea of them but sometimes you see some things that people are trying to raise money for and can't imagine ever donating. Now, there's a local GoFundMe that's causing outrage online.

Thanks to Kristi Gustafson-Barlette of the Times Union for posting about this GoFundMe. Melanie Rafferty's daughter Gemma has been participating in pageants for almost her entire 3 years and as a single mom, Melanie is having a hard time paying for them. She decided to turn to GoFundMe for help.

The GoFundMe has only raised $25 out of the $900 she's looking for. Melanie decided to share the page on a local Garage Sale Facebook page and that's where people have made their opinion known on her page.

People have even begun to investigate her actual Facebook page, her relationships, and as far as blaming this woman for being the reason GoFundMe pages aren't working for those who really need it.

I'll be honest, I've seen worse when it comes to GoFundMe pages. She isn't lying saying that her daughter has a life-threatening disease, just that she doesn't have money and wants her daughter to continue competing because it makes her happy. I do think some people have them for the strangest reasons but if people are going to donate, why not? I personally wouldn't donate to this over someone with extensive medical bills, so I'm not going to. Simple as that. What do you think?

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