It's that time of the year where all the local Drive-Ins are back in business!

I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. Whether you love the burgers, dogs, fish fry, french fries and onion rings or just crave every ice cream on the menu, there are plenty of stops to make to fill your tummy!

Country Drive-In - Vischer Ferry Road, Clifton Park 11am-9pm - all the food you're looking for and amazing ice cream to boot! Plus sitting outside on a beautiful afternoon or spring/summer evening taking in a little bit of Clifton Park ain't too shabby!

Kurver Kreme - Central Avenue, Albany 11:30am-9pm - Oh, the ice cream! So many options to choose from but so little belly to fill! Whether you've just run some errands around Colonie Center or just out for a drive with the family, what a delicious spot to stop at!

Jumpin' Jacks Drive-In - Schonover Avenue, Scotia 11am-10pm - Around for what seems like FOREVER! Jumpin' Jacks has grown a reputation that it completely lives up to and it's awesome! Whether you're looking for lunch or an after dinner treat, you can't go wrong!

Rainbow Delights - Route 9, Clifton Park 11am-9pm - Clifton Park is kind of known for closing down around 9pm and Rainbow Delights is no different, but what they bring in sweet, ice creamy goodness makes it a little piece of heaven in CP!

Guptills Coney Express - Route 9, Latham 11am-9pm (Fri & Sat till 10:30pm) - I couldn't leave out the Coney Express. Chances are you know and have heard their commercials over and over again. I would say they'd be just as successful with word of mouth, however, it's hard to tell you how awesome they are when your mouth is full! If you're out on a weekend, they're one of the only places open with extended weekend hours to enjoy!

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