In these uncertain times, businesses are trying to make the most of what they produce. A local distillery has gone from making alcohol to making hand sanitizer. According to the Saratogian, Yankee Distillers in Clifton Park has gone from making whiskey, vodka, and rum to producing its first line of hand sanitizer.

You are able to purchase the hand sanitizer at their facilities in Clifton Park. They are available in a sixteen-ounce size pump bottle for ten dollars and a sixty-four-ounce refill bottle for thirty-five dollars. If you bring your own container, Yankee Distillers will allow you to fill it for fifty cents per ounce from their sealed tank in their tasting room.

Yankee Distiller's hand sanitizer is thinner and disappears quickly without drying out your hands. The formula isn't as thick as typical hand sanitizers and is eighty percent. This is consistent with formulas recommended by the World Health Organization.

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