An area tattoo parlor is all about giving back to the community and they've given tens of thousands of dollars to local charities in their two plus years of existence. And while there's not necessarily a "catch" to what they're offering clients, I think it's safe to say there's a certain level of adventure needed when you walk through their doors and prepare for your next tat.

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According to a report from News 10 ABC, Holly Robinson and Dan Belcher have always wanted to run the kind of business that gives back to the Capital Region when they opened Resolute Tattoo in Delmar back in 2018.  They do monthly fundraisers for area charities and they are back at it again.

During the months of November and December they're giving back to the awesome charity Things of My Very Own, but what they've drawn up to get the cash,  isn't for the faint of art.

Clients only have to pay $100 for a relatively large-sized tattoo, and according to News 10 ABC, the parlor will give between 50% and 100% to the charity.

Once the client agrees to have the work done, a gumball-type machine churns out a plastic egg and inside that egg is the design. It could be a skull, tiger, snake, sword or exotic looking lady.  It's completely random and once it's determined, there is no going back. They call it, "Get What Ya Get For Charity."

Photo: Resolute Tattoo Facebook
Photo: Resolute Tattoo Facebook

According to News 10 ABC, they’ve raised over $18 thousand from their campaign over the past two years and Things of My Very Own will hopefully get a nice donation as a result of the hard work of the tattoo artists, and bravery of the client.

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