I don't really bring up religion much, but I do very much believe in the power of prayer. You can argue the science of it, or argue the source or deity, but I do know people can feel when others are pulling for them. So I ask everyone who reads this to think about the little girl in this story. Think about what she has gone through and what she will have to endure for the rest of her life. Then with your mind on this ten year old girl who just faced a monster of unbelievable proportions, and send her strength, send her thoughts of warmth and love. Do it for as long as you can , then do it again.

I have been bothered by this story on so many levels since I first heard it last night on WTEN , News 10. If you have not seen it yet, I have it for you here but please be aware it really is just a horrific story made worse by the fact that it happened right here, in our own back yards.

I know you will want to comment on this story and you can below, I know we are all just blown away by the very nature of it, even as we get more details on how this kind of thing can go on in this world. I do encourage you all to comment and get your feeling out about it, but please remember to send that little girl all the good feelings you can. Thank you and God bless.

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