When I was a kid and even when my kid was a kid, Halloween only had a few rules. We would Trick-Or-Treat as soon as it started to get dark and we returned home once you hit every home that had an outside light on. It felt like we were out all night!

Having a scheduled door to door is foreign to me but hey, I don't do it anymore. So, for those that do here are some of the Capital Region suggestions for the monsters, super heroes and mystical creatures in your life.

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According to News10 ABC, some of the towns and cities of the Capital Region have designated times for Trick-Or-Treating this Sunday.

  • Amsterdam - Very efficient! You have from 6p - 8p.
  • Clifton Park - No designated hours but they will have full-size bars here so bring a big bucket.
  • Colonie - No designated hours so you older kids can go early, change and go a second time.
  • Guilderland - No designated times so anytime after 4pm (When the Bills game is over)
  • Niskayuna - This is where I live. The town suggests you wrap it up by 8pm and I agree.
  • Rensselear - What time do you want to head out and return? Do that.
  • Rotterdam  - 3p - 7p (On a Sunday you can get away with a 3p start)
  • Saratoga Springs - No restrictions in Toga!
  • Schenectady - 2p - 8p
  • Troy - All bets are off, have at it whenever you like

The Kitchn.com suggests there is proper Halloween etiquette that you and the kids should follow:

  • Leave your outside light off if you aren't taking part. Leave it on and you might get "decorated".
  • Don't leave a bowl of candy on the porch with a "Just take 1" sign. I did this and those kids apparently couldn't read.
  • Don't ask "What's your costume"? That kid has the most badass costume even if you don't know what it is.
  • Make certain your kids say "thank you".

Happy Halloween! Did you walk around in any of these costumes when you were a kid?

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