Most people who know me, know I'm not a huge television guru.  Typically when I have the time, I flip through the channels, but end up cursing at every show.  However, in my moment of hibernation last night, I stumbled upon a new show called "Lights Out."  Despite only being on since January, the show is really quite good.

I recently started a membership at LA Boxing in Latham and despite the need sometimes to get my fustration out, I really value the skill and technique that goes into boxing now (not to mention the calorie burn).  However, I don't think I've ever watched more than one or two fights in my life.

"Lights Out" is not just a show about boxing.  It's also a show about the dynamics of the boxing industry and how quickly a heavy-weight, world champion boxer can be at the top of his game and then like lights being turned out -- bankrupt.  Yeah, I've seen the Rocky movies and those were always fun to watch, but this show gives you a more current and realistic view of the sport while also dealing with family and life situations you can easily relate to.

The main character is Patrick "Lights Out" Leary, played by Holt McCallaney.  Leary is a retired, ex-heavy weight, world champion boxer who is married with three daughters.  He retired by walking away from the boxing ring after his last fight in which he lost after being undefeated for so long.  Leary currently helps his father run a boxing gym along with his brother.  Unfortunately, his brother has some gambling and drug problems at points and therefore, isn't trust worthy with the business' money.

In case you want to try it out (no pressure), "Lights Out" is on FX on Tuesdays at 10pm.  Unfortunately for my sleep schedule, I think I'm hooked on this show.  Since the season just started, it will be easy to catch up on the story line and definitely worth setting the time aside.  If you like boxing, even a little bit like me, I think you'll like this show.  And who knows, maybe I'll even be able to pick up some pointers for my boxing classes.